In “Animaniacs” teams create an animated movie with their own plasticine characters. You will discover your individual skills and learn how to combine them into a unified team effort.

The movie topic of your choice offers a creative, playful and literally hands-on access to otherwise abstract themes


Working as a film crew requires a unified effort, co-ordination of individual skills and team planning. These are essential elements to enhance team cohesion. The activity allows you to reflect on your individual team role. As a team, it strengthens your creative potential and ability to communicate. It is great for new teams as the fun, hands-on process creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy to form new bonds and friendships.



Small teams will produce their own movie at individual work stations. Each team develops the script for their movie, models the characters and sets the scenes. An easy-to-handle app on a smartphone will turn the pictures they take into a great stop-motion movie. As a finale, all movie will be shown and you can include your own version of “The Oscars” award ceremony.



The activity is open to invite almost anybody to participate. Beneficiaries can mix into your team or just join the fun and produce their own movie alongside your teams. The movie topic is always a nice idea to kick-start the communication and the task offers you a lot of opportunities to exchange with the beneficiaries.

How did your team include this new group of people? What was the effect on the communication? It can be a refreshing experience to learn about different perspectives and appreciate individual skill sets.



For almost everybody, producing a stop motion movie is a fun activity. It allows beneficiaries to be creative and enjoy a playful and relaxed atmosphere with lots of opportunities for interaction and communication.

Seniors from the Pioneer Generation are threatened by social isolation, so opportunities to communicate are great to keep them engaged and connected to younger people. The social issue is similar for people from marginalized groups, particularly when they have to seek help in shelters. Until their case is solved, they can barely go out.

For all, the experience of being capable to contribute to the group effort and enjoy creative thinking can boost much needed self-confidence.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 3-5 hours

Group Size: small and large groups

Outcomes: improve coordination within team, experience creativity enhancing communication, learn to interact and bond with new team members

Category: Communication, Team Cohesion, New Teams