Adventist Nursing & Rehabilition Centre

The Cause

A little Heaven where patients find help, comfort and friendship among God-fearing staff and volunteers who believe in the healing power of God, the Great Master Physician.

To provide therapy for the rehabilitation of the disabled and handicapped to make them self-reliant.


To provide day care and rehabilitation for the sick and dependent elderly living alone or who have no one to care for them during office hours.

To teach care-givers, family members, helpers and friends proper methods of exercising and caring for the patient at home.

To educate patients, family members, friends and care-givers to live healthy lifestyles as a prevention against recurrence of the illness


The Plan

The Adventist Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre, a registered Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) with IPC status, which was previously located on the 3rd floor of the Woodlands Polyclinic and opened by Dr Aline Wong, the then Senior Minister of State for Health and Education.

The Centre believes in providing the best in physiotherapy and rehabilitation to all the unfortunate victims of stroke, head and spinal injury following accidents and also all other chronic neuromuscular disorders. 

Our aim is not only to get all patients well and be able to walk again but also to teach patients a healthy lifestyle so that the patients can avoid getting a second attack or suffer a relapse of the illness. 

Our Honorary Doctor, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Therapy Aides and Counselors have one concern in mind and that is to get the patient motivated to exercise and get well so that they can be useful at home and hopefully return to the workforce and be gainfully employed.


The love of Christ constrains us to love and care for the sick and the incapacitated.





Member of National Council for Social Service (NCSS)