Blind Date

Going on a “Blind Date”, you can refine your perception, learn about trust and how it affects communication. It will expand your world of experience.

All “Blind Date” events are tailored to interact with people with low or no vision.


Being blindfolded and temporarily losing one of the senses, we heavily rely on, will teach you very little about how it might be to be blind. But it will teach you a lot about your own perception and how little of what we actually perceive enters our conscious mind and is processed.

Being a sighted guide requires mindfulness for the people and the world around you. How do we communicate? What do we perceive? When you have to rely on someone else for perception, communication will have to focus and refine. And it becomes obvious that trust building is essential.

The experience will expand your understanding about your own perception and why trust is the secret ingredient of communication.



All events comprise of an introductory session, where your group members learn how to be a sighted guide. Then, your team will meet with the beneficiaries and together, you will embark on an adventure, that has been tailored particularly for you. Usually, events close with a joint meal.


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Timing: 4 - 6 hours

Group Size: max 50 pax

Outcomes: learn about perception, change perspectives, learn to adapt to new challenges

Category: Building Trust, Managing Change

Blind Date