Calvary community care


Calvary Community Care (C3) is a not-for-profit voluntary welfare organization registered in March 2010. Our mission is to serve the needy in the community regardless of race, age, gender or religion. 

C3's main focus as a broad-based charity will be on the elderly, youths and children.




•Befriending – weekly visits to elderly to alleviate loneliness

•Active Aging – regular activities for elderly to engage the community and keep fit



GROW – reading skills lessons to help struggling readers

ENCORE – reading comprehension skills lessons for lower primary students

Story L.A.B. – readaloud story sessions for children aged 9 years & below



•ACE – weekly engagement with selected students

•MACE – mentoring of youths in school drop-in centres

•PACE – mentoring of youths in community clubs



•Youth & family




The Befriending programme seeks to alleviate loneliness of the elderly. C3 offers supportive, reliable relationships through volunteer befrienders to people who would otherwise be socially isolated.

Many elderly (above age 65) live alone or are left alone during the day while their children are at work. Even when the elderly live with others in the household they are often left alone as relationships may be estranged or their housemates maybe busy with their own work and lives.


Active Aging

Our Active Aging programme encourages seniors to stay healthy and active, both physically and mentally.  Through a wide array of activities we seek to engage the seniors and enrich their life experiences.

We seek ambulant elderly aged 65 years and above who are seeking to be active and engaged in the community.  If you have some spare time on your hands do come and join us for our activities.


Our vision is to be a respected charity serving the needy out of love for them relating to them holistically as individuals.