Casa raudha

The Cause

Unfortunately, not all relationships are characterized by love. Some women are experiencing violence, whether it is from family, spouse or partner. Some are rejected by their families and thus lose their home and have no place to stay with their young children. These women are in need of support to rebuild their lives with structure and stability, for themselves and for their children. Breaking out of the cycle of violence and poverty is a huge challenge. It requires a strong will and usually some external support.


The Plan

Casa Raudha can house up to 50 mistreated women and their young children at a time. The shelter is fully equipped with the necessary facilities to provide residents with a safe recovery and learning living space. In the protected environment, the charity offers them the opportunity to rebuild their lives through a platform of structured routines, learning opportunities and stability. Casa Raudha offers counselling, legal assistance, financial support and a variety of empowerment programmes for the women and the children.

The team is motivating the women to continue persisting towards making positive changes in their live. Casa Raudha seeks to empower the women to take back control of their lives. By the time the women leave the shelter, they are confident and have the skills to make informed choices to lead independent lives. All of this will not just benefit themselves, but their children as well.

The shelter welcomes women and their children who require protection, regardless of race or religion.


To provide shelter and care for the abused and homeless women and to empower them to be confident and self-reliant




IPC status since 2008

With NCSS since 2012



Ministry of Social and Family Development

Temasek Cares CLG Ltd

Bo Tien Welfare Services Society