iC2 PrepHouse

The Cause

At present, Singapore has achieved much in the medical diagnosis and treatment of low vision conditions, there are national screening programmes in place for early identification of children with myopia, amblyopia, strabismus and other low vision conditions. But despite all the best efforts, patients have and will continue to lose vision as a result of the incurable nature of some conditions.

Patients who lose their vision have little to fall back on for support. This is particularly true for children. It is crucial to bear in mind that children need to and want to learn and grow, so support for them needs to be geared towards education and rehabilitation.

One of the challenges visually impaired children face is misunderstanding, as those around them might think they try to be funny or they are lazy. In the worst case, there is a lot of frustration on their way that discourages them and resignation might be the result.

The Plan

iC2 PrepHouse was founded by two engaged mothers of visually impaired (VI) children, as they were then and are now convinced, that children with low vision can lead productive, happy lives.

The two mothers posed and answered the questions, all parents have: how can my child master education and become an independent adult? They gave the answer with iC2 PrepHouse.

iC2 PrepHouse’s offer fills a gap with its customized, structured programmes for children with little or no vision and tries to ensure a smooth referral process from the low vision clinics affiliated to Singapore National Eye Centre SNEC and other Ophthalmology Departments. The various programmes offer the necessary support from assistive technology to learning Braille to mastering orientation, mobility and other independent living skills. iC2 PrepHouse also reaches out to parents and schools to share their expertise and help creating an enabling environment for the vi children.

iC2 PrepHouse’s services help vi children to stay in mainstream schools, learn coping skills for everyday life and prepares them for an independent and fulfilling future. The pain of losing one’s vision or seeing a loved one lose vision cannot be fully assuaged, but a good support system makes the journey an easier one.


To impart the requisite skills and knowledge that will empower and enrich the lives of the visually impaired and their families






Charity Organisation

Member of National Council for Social Service (NCSS)



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