Tailored events to meet your objectives

We at Big Heroes do not believe in a one size fits all approach. What you want to achieve is most important to us and requires a tailored approach. Thus, we want to understand: 

  • Is your focus more on achieving certain CSR objectives, or

  • Are you more concerned with achieving specific outcomes for your team, or

  • Are you looking for a good balance of both

Based on what it is that you want to achieve, our team prepares a tailored proposal for you with a range of options to choose from.

Carefully selected team building activities

To complement the main activity of your team building event, we offer a selection of focused team building activities. Our experienced team will advise you on the most suitable activity based on the outcomes you want to achieve for your team.


Outcomes you might be looking for:

  • Managing change

  • Improving communication 

  • Boosting motivation levels

  • Integrate new team members

  • Strengthening relationships 

  • Building trust

  • Improving team cohesion

You can select among 20 activities from 4 different categories: 

  • Problem solving

  • Creative

  • Active

  • Sensory simulation

Portfolio of innovative event formats

We listen very carefully to what our customers want and developed a range of innovative event formats to meet the different requirements and preferences. We regularly add new event formats and offer on average more than 20 different formats to choose from in these categories:

Featured Icebreaker

HAKA -  Feel the Power

Haka, the traditional dances of the Māori people are a fierce display of a tribe's pride, strength and unity performed to honour guests or the importance of an occasion. It is an energetic step out of the daily grind and a fantastic start for an event.

Our instructors, who were trained by the All Blacks themselves, demonstrate some Haka moves to you. We also prepare slogans that set the motto for the event – it’s going to be loud and powerful. Your teams will give it a go themselves and try out which of the moves they make their own. There is no better way to blow the offices’ cobwebs away and you will start your event really on fire!

No one can escape the power of a Haka: just following the moves, you can feel it’s spirit. Shout with the pack – it’s force will grip you.

Outcomes for your teams

When we tailor your team building event for you we are determined to ensure that:

  • Your team building objectives are met

  • Your CSR objectives are met

  • Your team had a great experience and lots of fun!

During the proposal stage and later on during the event preparation stage, we spend a lot of time understanding what it is that you want to achieve. We then carefully select the various components to tailor an event for you that meets all your objectives and is within your budget.

Outcomes for the beneficiaries

Big Heroes is working closely with its partner beneficiary organisations to ensure that there is real value for the organisations and its beneficiaries. The benefits can be on various levels such as:

  • Fight social isolation

  • Offer enriching experiences

  • Provide a platform to advocate for their cause 

  • Provide income opportunities 

  • Have fun!

Your are well covered

All our events are covered under a public liability insurance (Limit of Liability = S$ 1,000,000)  covering all participants against legal liability arising out of accidental damage to property of, and/or accidental bodily injury to, Third Parties.


Our team also executes a rigorous security procedure in all our events to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. This e.g. means that we always have a first aid trained staff onsite during all our events. 

Range of add-on services to choose from

You can choose from a wide range of add-on services to customise your event to your requirements:​

Whenever possible we are purchasing services offered by other social enterprises or not-for profit organisations for our events. E.g. our food & beverage packages are  provided by our social enterprise partners Dignity Kitchen, FoodFare and BizLink.