One for One
With every social team building event you purchase, Big Heroes will help a Person in Need.

Our first One for One programme focuses on education for children from low income families. Big Heroes pledges one tuition session for a child from a low-income family in Singapore for every social team building event booked with us. In this programme we work closely with our charity partner organisations, who oversee the selection of beneficiaries as well as the tuition programme. Children supported by this programme will come from households that earn up to S$3,000 each month.

Through our social impact reporting, we will give our stakeholders a regular update on the performance of our investment. It will also help us to assess weather to continue the programme as such, adjust it, or change to a different programme.

As our event budgets vary, our pledge will be made on every $3,000 of an event budget. Meaning that for an event with a budget of $12,000, Big Heroes will pledge 4 tuition sessions.

If you want to have more information on our One for One programme, just drop us an email or call us at 9357 8096.