Amazing Race

If you are keen to (re-)discover unique places in Singapore, you will love our amazing race events. You can choose between different options and our team will tailor the amazing race to your needs.

The Amazing Race is always mission based and is nicely packed into a story/theme that is entertaining for the participants. 


All our amazing races are great fun. During the race, your teams will strength their relations and boosting communication skills. If you decide to include a beneficiary, your participants discover that diversity is the key to be successful as a team. They take care of other people and learn how important it is to communicate. This shift in perspective can widen their horizon and open up their minds for great ideas.



Each amazing race is requiring your teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges. Clues may directly identify locations, contain cryptic riddles such as "Make your way to the area that was commonly known as the Piccadilly of Chinatown" that teams must figure out, or include physical elements, such as a photo showing parts of a building, indicating their next destination. Clues may also describe a number of tasks that teams must complete before continuing to race. As such, teams are generally free and sometimes required to engage locals to help in any manner to decipher clues and complete tasks. Tasks are typically designed to highlight the history of a specific area. Teams are rewarded for completing the challenges and have the chance to win prices for their teams.


To customise your event to your needs you can choose between:

  1. Indoor or outdoor

  2. Your preferred theme: Singapore Heritage, The Arts, Nature, Food, or Adventure.

  3. Old school or modern age – you like your teams to work with treasure maps and clue cards or you fancy to find your way with GPS co-ordinates on your smartphone

  4. Mix with beneficiaries and/or co-facilitated by beneficiaries – you can either chose that beneficiaries from one of our partner charity organisations join you as team members during the race, or you can opt for beneficiaries to be co-facilitators during the event supporting as clue givers or challenge station masters.


Here is a list of sample routes and challenges

  • Pioneer Trail in CBD

  • Pirates of Singapore in Chinatown

  • Shopaholic in Orchard Road (other mall locations available – VivoCity, Kalang Wave, etc.)

  • Chope! In Geylang

  • Go Green in Botanic Gardens

  • Save the Arts at National Gallery


Your group will be split up in smaller teams competing against the other teams. Route and pace will be tailored to the fitness level of your teams (+ beneficiaries if applicable). Clues will lead the teams to

The event can end with a joined lunch/dinner or tea break depending on your preferences and budget.



The teaming up with a local charity organisation is the particularity feature of our amazing race. If you are interested in including a beneficiary, you can choose from our big variety of partner organisations – and your teambuilding event will change to a teambuilding for a good cause and make a great impact of people! Here again, it´s up to you! You can include beneficiaries either in your team and do the amazing race as a joined team or the beneficiaries can be co-facilitators during the race.



First of all, including a beneficiary is a great opportunity for the people to experience something new and different. For our partner organisations, it could be difficult to organise excursions and events, whether it is because of money or special logistics that is needed.  Often these people are isolated in their surroundings and getting out make a huge impact to their lives. In a safe and protected learning area, our beneficiaries are able to discover new things, open up their minds and communicate with ours.


Location: Indoors/Outdoors 

Timing: 2-4 hours

Group Size: 20 - 400 pax

Outcomes: helps teams to bond through the experience of taking care of a group of beneficiaries,  strengthen relationships through a shared experience, provides a light-hearted and fun experience

Category: Team Cohesion, Strengthen Relationships

Pioneer Treasure Hunt