Dream Big!

Sometimes, only to “Dream Big” allows you to see beyond your current problems. And what if you do not even dream of what you can aspire to become as an adult?

You and your team will open up their professional world to youth from disadvantaged backgrounds or with certain disabilities. Together with them, you will explore the job profiles and careers that are typical in your company. You can spark their interest and motivate them to imagine a successful future for themselves. If you have the skills teach skills like professional etiquette or presenting, these can be the first steps to realize the dream.


Working together with youth requires a lot of patience and responsibility. To make your job or company sector accessible and understandable, you will need to look at it from the perspective of the youth. Youth can be a challenging audience and difficult in groups, so it will be important that team members support each to manage this demanding tasks. But it is all the more rewarding and will give your team an immense boost of motivation to observe how you manage to interest the youth and spark their motivation as well.



For half a day, your team will open the company doors to a group of youth. Through individual interviews, small group tours and interactive role plays together with the youth, you will be leading their exploration journey into your work sector. Depending on individual preferences in your team, short interactive learning session for the youth can be added. Usually the event ends with a joint lunch or dinner.



For this format, we will match you with a group of youth who are interested to explore more about the world of work. You will be giving interviews, guiding the youth or even engage in role plays to enact some typical work situation with them. It will be a time packed with close interaction.



Career education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds needs to begin as early as possible so they can develop an idea about possibilities and be motivated by a great goal. This is all the more important for youth with certain disabilities as they often lack the exposure that would allow them to learn about the many different opportunities they have despite their condition. This includes self-awareness and career exploration activities, job seeking skills instruction, information about job keeping, and encourage opportunities for gaining work experience.

To feel fully included in our society, it is a very important to have a profession and being able to earn an income to lead an independent and fulfilling life.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 3 - 6 hours

Group Size: min 30 pax

Outcomes: learn about perception, change perspectives, learn to adapt to new challenges

Category: Motivation, Managing Change

Dream Big