Dream Chocolate Factory

In the “Dream Chocolate Factory” you spice up your communication and team cohesion. Teams will design and produce their own sweet treats, from choosing the type of chocolate to decorating their signature wrapping boxes. It’s all about letting your senses bloom.


The event encourages creativity and communication between the various teams who put together individual parts of the final end product. As results are visible immediately, this creates high motivation and teams bond through their joint achievements. The relaxed setting allows for lots of communication and exchange. You might not just learn a new recipe, but (re-)discover how interaction and relationships are the hidden ingredients for a positive atmosphere.



Each team will be assigned a different step in the production process. This ranges from weighing the ingredients to melting the chocolate to building the perfect wrapping box. Before everyone gets to work, teams have time to familiarize themselves with their task and coordinate with other teams. Some of the products are made for consumption on the spot, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your work on the same day.

Depending on your preference, this versatile and creative event is perfect for either a half day or full day activity.



The activity is open to invite almost anybody to participate and is a great opportunity to directly engage with beneficiaries from your selected charity organisation. Beneficiaries can mix into your team or just join the fun and produce their own chocolate box alongside your teams. Everyone can contribute, so everyone will be engaged. Together, you will learn something new, which is fun and delicious.



Some of our charity partners’ beneficiaries have great talents, for example as pastry chefs. This format offers the unique opportunity for them to show it. Beneficiaries will take the lead instructing your teams in creating the sweet treats. Instead of being at the receiving end, with this event you create the chance for them to experience themselves as capable, knowledgeable and giving.

The format is not limited to this and there is practically no beneficiary group who would not enjoy the fun of making their own sweet treats. On top of the fun, the variety of activities involved offers learning opportunities and other benefits for many different beneficiary groups: fine motor skills for stroke patients, social interaction for seniors, patience and diligence for youth. Let us know for which cause you’re passionate, and we’ll see to adjust this format so that you can offer great support to your charity of choice.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 4 - 6 hours

Group Size: 30 to 400 pax

Outcomes: coordination and good communication, learn about your strengths, foster creativity

Category: Team Cohesion, New Team Members, Strengthen Relationships

Dream Chocolate Factory