Family Day

It’s time to put on your sunglasses and take a breather: Celebrate together with your team and your family. We design the “Family Day” according to your preferences with games, excitement and delicious food. In a fun and relaxed atmosphere, you can recharge your motivation batteries and reconnect with your team members. Thrilling, exciting and interactive activities will boost your fun level and energize everyone.

As a joy shared is a joy doubled, you can invite beneficiaries from a charity of your choice to join your celebration. Your team will cherish the opportunity to make someone else happy and it is a great common goal to achieve together.


The “Family Day” is all about having fun together and strengthening the ties within your team and come together as a big family. We will shape the shared excitement and light hearted activities according to your preferences. They will get everyone in the right mood to embrace diversity and how being different makes your team stronger. The bonds formed during this informal activity will boost the trust within your team.



You can choose a theme for the day like “Swedish Midsummer” or “Carnival” according to which we will create competitive games and interactive activities. Teams will compete against each other in the games and everyone has a chance to communicate and bond through the activities. To ensure that all bellies are satisfied, we can organize tempting delicious snacks from the mobile snack stands from mouth-watering ice cream to hot dogs.



The event is a great opportunity to invite beneficiary groups to join. Your team can mix in teams with them or have separate groups to play along. The positive energy that is generated through the social engagement cannot be underestimated and it will boost your team’s engagement that they can contribute to serving a good cause.



Any groups can be invited to join the Family Day, as long as you are willing to accommodate if there are special needs. Particularly those, who do not have the opportunities to celebrate will benefit from participation. The light-hearted mood of “Family Day” allows the beneficiaries to enjoy some fun and forget their sometimes stressful and straining situations. It is mentally and emotionally stimulating, reducing stress and can render a lot of positive energy that will help them to cope, and live life better.


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Timing: 3-8 hours

Group Size: 30 pax onwards

Outcomes: Encourages teams (family) come together, improves communication, emotional support, self-confidence, racing against time by completing task/challenges successfully with specific time

Category: Team Cohesion, Motivation, Strengthen Relationships, New Team Members

Family Day