Filos Community Services

The Cause

Singapore society is a vibrant, active and wealthy society with a constantly growing economy. But not all are blessed with health, a loving family and a stable income. In each community, there are vulnerable members including those who are facing difficult and challenging situations who need help.

For a community to thrive, it is important to create opportunities to come together to support each other in daily life and to enjoy some good times together. Filos is an organisation that endeavours to offer all this for the residents in its’ constituency.

The Plan

Filos was founded in 2003 as the community outreach arm of Amazing Grace Presbyterian Church and has since established a health centred, holistic service offer for its local community. Families can turn to Filos for support in parenting or counselling. Services for children focus on life skills and character development, with offerings ranging from regular tuition to stress management and sexuality education workshops. For the growing group of senior citizens, Filos has diverse offers in their programme, like ‘Care in the Community’ , which encompasses befriending and home care services for the elderly.

One of the pressing issues of an aging society is dementia. Filos is specialized to cater to elders with dementia with their “Active Minds” programme. One particular feature is the home based intervention, that combines optimal care with the opportunity to stay in the familiar and cosy environment of the elder’s own home.


Filos welcomes and appreciates support for their elderly care where volunteer involvement can have a very positive impact. Through the support and involvement of volunteers, outings and special events for seniors with different interests and varying levels of fitness can be made possible. These events are enriching, educational and greatly enhance the quality of life for the seniors.


To build resilience and empower individuals and families






As Charity on 19th August 2005

NCSS member since 18th November 2005

IPC status since 2006



Agency for Integrated Care

South East Community Development Council

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Social and Family Development

Community outreach arm of Amazing Grace Presbyterian Church