Produce what makes the difference!

If you are looking for more impactful ways to give back to the less privileged than ‘build a bike’, “Impacto!” is the right choice for you. Together with your team members you will produce items that really make a difference and help beneficiaries to master their day-to-day lives easier.

Together with our beneficiary organisations we select what your teams will produce in a gigantic workshop setting. Examples for such supporting products are life kits for dementia patients or learning resources for children with mental illnesses. No matter what the actual items are, their impact will be huge.


Learning outcomes for your team are improved communication, new ways of creative thinking, and problem solving. Additional challenges for your teams will be included to ensure that there is great interaction and that the team members get to know each other on a personal level a bit better.



The event will start with one of our signature icebreakers that revolves around the topic that the teams will be working on later. The group will then be split up in smaller teams and produce a fixed number of items. Each team will have a designated facilitator who will lead them through the process and who will ensure that there is good interaction among the team members.

Example: Dementia Life Kits

Teams will create ‘life kits’ for dementia patients. These kits include things such as:

  • Life Story Work – a collection of their life and memories

  • Visual Planners - Visual reminders to reinforce key activities throughout the day

  • Carer & Room Cards -  images of those involved in your circle of support, whether carer, family or GP


With this kit, dementia patients, their family members, and care givers have a toolset that makes a real difference in dealing with the impacts of dementia on the patient’s life.

The teams will get model kits that show them how the final product should consist of, as well as some instructions to ensure that the kits can be really used. Together with the facilitator, teams will work on how best personalize the kits and secure best quality and usefulness. Teams are encouraged to take responsibility to actually bring the benefit to the patients who will receive the kits.

Team challenges along the way will ensure that there is a lot of interaction among the teams in order to get to know each other better. The challenges can be done in a competitive or non-competitive way, depending on your preferences.

Representatives from the beneficiary organisations will be present during the event to share with your teams how the items that they produce are impacting their beneficiaries and what it will mean to them.



In this event format the focus is doing something good for the beneficiaries, rather than with them. Thus, the interaction with beneficiaries in this event is limited to a ceremonial handover of the items produced and/or being onsite ‘testers’, who take a good look at what the teams are producing and provide some insightful feedback.



The items to be produced in this event are carefully selected in consultation with our beneficiary organisations. Thus, we ensure that what is produced by your team is actually going to be used by the beneficiaries and that it will have a real and positive impact on their lives.

Sometimes, there are items which are important and useful in caregiving or the life of those who are affected with a particular condition, that just cannot be purchased and need the careful hand of someone to individually create them.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 4-8 hours

Group Size: from 30 pax to really big groups over 400 pax

Outcomes: Improves communication, brings our creativity and problem solving skills, strengthen relationships through working together for a good cause

Category: Team Cohesion, Motivation, Strengthen Relationships