Hi team, please read this carefully.

Congratulations Team. You have either completed all 5 stations or it is time for you to open this page.


This is your last digital clue card and it contains your Final Clue Location and simple hint. So, now you will have head down to your designated clue location stated below.

Just to remind you again that this is your final location. So now, you are task to head over at the Final Clue Location.

The first team to arrive will be the winner.

Oh wait!

Before you proceed to your Final Clue Location, please ensure that the you have a complete healthy and fit team. IF anyone is unwell, please contact our mobile first aider @ 9357 8069 or 8167 4969.

So you are good to go. Have FUN & Good Luck!

Final Clue Location:
Hint: Sheltered space