Kitchen Heroes

“Kitchen Heroes” is great for motivation and communication. You team up with “junior chefs” and they will lead you in preparing a delicious meal. Awareness and listening to each other is the key to a good result.


The task at hand - to cook a great dish - is the means to bond with your new instructors, the “junior chefs”. In the beginning some shyness on both sides can be expected. The work facilitates communication and everybody can experience how a connection in communication builds up. During the event, everyone tends to be focused and team members have an increased awareness to listen to each other. The high energy level of the students and the need to adapt to them is a trigger for new, eye-opening communication experiences for your team. At the same time, there are lots of smiles and happy faces. Producing something together boosts the motivation and everyone is having a really great time.



After meeting with the “junior chefs”, teams will be assigned to prepare what was chosen as recipe. Two professional cooking instructors are supporting the teams. At the end, everybody will get to eat together what they prepared.

Teams can either:

  • prepare a 3 course sit down lunch or dinner

  • prepare a buffet lunch/dinner

  • do a baking session

  • or anything else that can be done in a professional kitchen


This event is tailored for the interaction with the students of Mountbatten Vocational School, a very divers and agile group of aspiring chefs, and takes place at their premises. Your team will get to know the students through some game activities first. Then, teams are mixed and you will be working closely together with your “junior instructor”.



Mountbatten Vocational School is training youth disability leading up to ITE Certification, and prepare them for open employment. Usually, students joining as “junior instructors” for the Kitchen Hero event are in their second, thus final year of training. All of them aspire a career in the F&B sector. Interacting with new and unfamiliar people is a challenge the students need to master on their way to becoming independent. For them, it’s a great experience to ascertain their skills and their confidence as cook.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 5 - 8 hours

Group Size: 20 - 40 pax (bigger groups possible at 3rd party venue)

Outcomes: creativity, strengthen bonds, improve communication

Category: Communication, Strengthen Relationships, New Teams