Lakeside Family Services

The Cause

At Lakeside, it has always been our passion to care for the marginalised -the last, the least and the lost- in society. Our Specialised Services department does this by providing care through our work with prisoners and ex-offenders, problem gamblers, the homeless, and their families. More than ten years ago, we started working with prisoners and their families based on the simple belief that this special group of people needs God’s love and healing as much as anyone else. Through our TJ Haven (so named because our Prison Services are based in Taman Jurong) programme, we serve inmates who are currently incarcerated, as well as those who have been released. We reach out to their families, their spouses and their children through counselling, nancial assistance, employment coaching and family bonding activities. We also provide tuition for the children. Today, we no longer call them “ex-offenders”, but “overcomers” instead, as we empower them to overcome the challenges of life! In 2009, we started our Families-in-Transition (FiT) Shelter to provide temporary shelter and care for families who had lost their homes due to nancial dif culties and other issues. Through the Shelter, we also assist them in nding employment and more permanent housing. The lives of our residents are further enriched through men’s and women’s support groups, family activities, as well as tuition and sports activities for the children. Over the years, we have seen hundreds of these families nd new hope for their lives and future.


Two years ago,we began our journey in helping problem gamblers and their families. We desire to help those stuck in the web of gambling addiction break away from it, while at the same time offering support to their family members as well. Since we started, we have served more than 200 individuals and their families, and continue to offer support to them in the form of individual counselling and support groups.

Once again, thank you for your support. It is because of your continual support that Lakeside is able to rebuild lives such as these. God bless! 


The Plan

In 1993, Lakeside Family Centre was started as a Community Care Service of Faith Methodist Church, operating a Family Service Centre and a Before and After School Care (BASC) Programme. In 2000, we started our second Family Service Centre and BASC Programme in Jurong East. Today, both centres provide services for children, youths and families at-risk in the key areas of casework and counselling, information and referral, while conducting group work and community work such as mothers’ and seniors’ support groups.

In 2007, a third centre located in Taman Jurong began operations. Our Taman Jurong Specialised Services Centre reaches out to the incarcerated, ex-offenders and their families, as well as problem gamblers and their families.

In 2009, Lakeside began the Families-in-Transition (FiT) Shelter, becoming the second agency nationwide to provide temporary housing and casework support for families displaced due to financial difficulties and other crises.

In 2013, Lakeside crossed another milestone when changed our name to Lakeside Family Services, in conjunction with our 20th Anniversary celebrations. Our new name represents our commitment to serve the families in our community and to continue providing services to the last, the least and the lost in society.


We, at Lakeside fulfill our Christian responsibility to the society by caring for the community.

We provide quality services, focused on the needs of individuals and families in the community at Jurong, regardless of race, language and religion.

We work in harmony with our neighbours , the community and the government.



Changing Lives, Transforming Communities


Core Values







Team-ministry oriented