Life Point | Sheng Hong Welfare Services

The Cause

Life Point is a pilot project set up by the Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services. The Centre commenced operations from 1 February 2013.

This community-based specialised service is developed to assist elderly aged 55 and above, especially those with weak or no social and family support. The service aims to help these people make informed decisions for matters relating to the last stages of their lives, so as to ensure the preservation of their self-respect, dignity, and peace of mind, while they approach the end of their life journeys.

While there is plenty of information available relating to end-of-life issues, there is a general lack of awareness of such information among the elderly and the general public. Hence, there is a need to bridge the communication gap and bring such information across in a manner that the elderly can understand.

The Plan

1.       Outreaching

To conduct regular door-to-door visits to reach out to the identified elderly groups, to build rapport and to identify immediate needs.

2.      Information and referral

When immediate needs are identified, we will provide the necessary and relevant information & referral service for the elderly to access necessary community services. We will also accept referrals from other community partners for elderly to access our services.

3.      Educational talks

To conduct regular educational talks on topics related to end-of-life matters. Personnel with specialized expertise will be invited to share relevant information on the subject.

4.      Life review workshop

To facilitate elderly to reflect and to reminiscent their life journey so as to heal the past hurt and to receive affirmation on their life experience in a close group setting.

5.      Legacy of wisdom

Project will be identified to celebrate the legacy of wisdom left behind by the seniors and as tools for greater public education.

6.      Excursion & visits

To conduct excursion and visits for the purpose of building friendship and connection among seniors, as well as for educational purpose, such as visits to funeral parlor, crematorium, heritage trails etc.

7.      Interest groups

Small groups will be facilitated to connect elderly with common interests and to engage elderly in meaningful activities.

8.      Volunteer support

Volunteers will be trained to befriend elderly and to assist staff in implementing activities.

9.    Membership management

We encourage interested seniors to join our membership system. To keep in touch with our seniors, we publish newsletter to keep them informed of our activities. The membership data will also provide us with information to project and to plan for relevant activities.

Mission & Objectives

We strive to promote a positive outlook towards death & dying. We affirm the value of life and the inevitability of death, and therefore encourage people to live a full and meaningful life with no regrets.


Our service objectives are as follows:

  1. To promote public awareness on issues surrounding death and bereavement;

  2. To encourage and support the elderly and their family members to prepare for the inevitability of death and bereavement;

  3. To provide support and resources to those who are frail, vulnerable, or lacking family support, and help them make informed decisions on matters relating to the end stage of life.