Lip Sync Battle

At the “Lip Sync Battle” you can be whoever you want and go bananas with your team. You pick the theme and we provide the equipment you need to create a memorable performance. Unleash your inner star and creative spirit at this exciting, fantastic, entertaining event that is great to share with music loving beneficiaries.

The aim of this event is to have fun - it's that simple. You can invite beneficiaries to be part of your team or take them on in an epic battle of creativity. Some of our beneficiary organisations run music classes and always look for opportunities to perform.


To unleash your inner star, you need to let loose and trust that your team will join the fun. This makes this event a great opportunity to strengthen relations within your team and foster an atmosphere conductive for creativity and innovation. Only if everyone in the team feels secure to step up on stage, you will be able to draw on their full potential during your work. If you you’re your team to loosen up, strengthen bonds, and foster trust, this is the most fun way to achieve.



Upfront, you choose at type of music or style setting, so we can provide you with all the props, accessories and equipment for great performances. Larger groups will be divided into teams, either mixing with beneficiaries or taking them on in the battle to become Lip Sync Champion. Each team chooses their performance song and will have enough time to rehearse and prepare. The contest itself is the great party finale of your event.



You can invite a group of beneficiaries to mix into your teams or to join the fun in battling in their own teams for the Championship. Music is a great connector for everyone. Acting and performing together offers great opportunities for interaction and getting to know someone who you might have never met otherwise.



This programme creates a warm and special atmosphere that energizes and motivates everyone for involvement. There are a lot of music lover groups within our family of beneficiaries who will love to join this fun event. A lot of the seniors get regular training when doing karaoke and they might be very strong team members. We also partner with organisations which run music based programmes and their beneficiaries always look for opportunities to perform. In general, the participation in the event will offer a great way to relax and loosen up and it will help to strengthen self-confidence and encourage to be socially active.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 3- 6 hours

Group Size: 20 - 200 pax

Outcomes: Effective collaboration, creavtivty, loosen up and building strong bonds

Category: Trust, Strengthen Relationships