Makan Delights Lost & Found

“Makan Delights Lost and Found” brings almost lost and forgotten local recipes back for your team. The home chefs from the pioneer generation will teach your team some of their favourite makan delights. You will learn kitchen tricks from them which are not very common in today’s cooking.

Each recipe comes with a story and you yourself might be reminded by the childhood tastes of a memorable episode in your life. While enjoying the food together, there is ample time to exchange about these food triggered stories from our past.


Having an instructor from the pioneer generation will encourage teams to review and refine communication skills. It is very conductive to increase your awareness and listening skills, particularly when exchanging about stories from the past. The atmosphere is relaxed and there will be a lot of smiles and happy faces when the makan delights are ready for eating.



Small teams will be instructed by our pioneer home chefs to cook different dishes. Everything that you cook with your teams will combine nicely into a makan delight menue. It is important to have lots of time at hand, so that stories and chatting can fit into the cooking and eating together. If you like, we can add some mini challenges throughout the event and add an awarding ceremony during the joint meal as finale.



This event focuses on close interaction with the pioneer home chefs. If your team is genuinely interested to explore a new way of connecting to the pioneer generation, this is the event to choose. Sincere interest in what the pioneer chefs have to offer is an indispensable ingredient for this event.



Many from the pioneer generation struggle with social isolation these days. An opportunity to be involved and share their heritage secret recipes and stories is a great remedy. Most of our beneficiary organisations who cater to seniors are looking for meaningful and fund ways for their seniors to be socially engaged and interact with the younger generation. The event is a great mix of emotional engagement and light physical activity that will get them out of their sometimes quite confined living conditions.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 3- 6 hours

Group Size: 20 - 50 pax

Outcomes: Effective collaboration, creavtivy, effective commuinication

Category: Strengthen Relationships, Communication, Team Cohesion

Makan Delights Lost & Found