The “MobVocate” is all about surprise, engagement, cohesion, risk taking and energy. Your team can pick a message they are passionate about and with the ‘Flashmob’ format bring it to the big stage.


The topic you pick can be something of importance for your company or you can choose to lend the power of your team and company to a good cause of one of our beneficiary organisations. Only your creativity is the limit to what is possible in this format and it’s a great way to mobilize everyone in your team to be active.


This team building event is all about building high energy in your teams. You will ignite the spark in your team through the unparalleled surprise by this innovative format, spirited energy when designing your “MobVocate” and sharing this exceptional experience.

To make it work, everyone needs to participate which is a good boost for motivation. The wide range of opportunities your team has when designing the “MobVocate” will give everyone the chance to get creative and experience the energizing mood that creative work brings with it.



The “MobVocate” format varies with your preferences. Upfront, you will need to pick the message, you want to communicate. We will then support you in deciding how to best flashmob your message and prepare all the necessary props, tools and technique so that your team is equipped to “mob” it perfectly.


Options include unified costuming, silently orchestrated movements or forming a giant picture by holding placards. Our instructors will rehearse with your team to create a truly amazing visual effect that will be captured on camera.

A great surprise variation for your team is a silent mob. There, everyone participating is getting instructions only on the spot via their phones.



If you’re lending your power to advocate for a good cause, it’s a great opportunity to invite those who are directly affected to help you raise awareness for their own cause. Your team can personally connect to the beneficiaries and understand why and how to support them best. Working together for the good cause will create a great unified energy.



The benefits are as widely varying as the causes. Sometimes, it’s important to reduce the sense of isolation and show that there are so many with the same struggles, as it might be supporting for people with low or no vision. Sometimes, it’s about the energy and motivation that comes from the experience of getting a great team to support your own struggles, as it might be supporting displaced and homeless families. Sometimes, it’s about the sense of purpose when you raise awareness for an issue to prevent others from facing the same fate as yourself, as it might be supporting a healthy lifestyle to fight diabetes.

In general, taking part in a “MobVocate” is a great opportunity to start thinking out of the box and reinforce your creative potential. And having fun is a benefit not to be underestimated for any of us.


Location: Outdoors (incl. wet weather options)

Timing: 2-4 hours

Group Size: 50 - 400++ pax

Outcomes: transform a rather normal/common teambuilding activity to something impactful and special. And doing something different leaves a deep impression

Category: Motivation, Team Cohesion