Malay Youth Performing Art (MyPart)

The Cause

The Society may Co-operate with organised bodies, religious organisations and other welfare agencies, governmental or private, in conformity with above objects.


The Plan

It is my pleasure to share with you that MYPART (Malay Youth Performing Art) was approved last year march by ROS (Registry Of Society) and we are glad that we have an office/class located at Chong Pang (Yishun). It was an exciting journey for us as we’ve been conducting music classes such as guitars, drums, vocal and many more in helping the Malay youths of our society to find their purpose in life away from negative influences.

MYPART started off in 2010 and thus we have provided programmes for the youths and from all these courses, they are given a chance to perform on stage and put what they’ve learnt into practice. We believe that by giving them a stage to showcase their talents after each course. it will built confidence in them thus a hope and a vision for their future. We also inculcate integral values such as commitment, dedication and persistent. 

Hence, we hope to join hands and collaborate with many more organization and make a difference in the future generations. We believe that MYPART and many others is equally passionate in investing in the future of our youths.

 Vision & Mission

To provide a comprehensive programme in music, drama, dance and sports to Malay Youth from low-income families, thereby developing their talents and   skills.