New Hope Community Service

The Cause

The causes for homelessness are manifold. Families might be affected by illness of the breadwinner or sudden loss of job. In this vulnerable situation little is needed and you lose your home. Coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, the affected families have no option to resort to an extended social network for support. Families might have no other option than to stay on the streets, void decks or beaches. This kind of displacement has many harmful implications for a family, one of it is that the children might not be able to reach their school anymore.

Another group struggling to find a place they can call home are ex-offenders. Often times, they are rejected by their families and thus have not place to go back to when released from prison. On top, it might not be advisable for them to go back to the environment that first led them to committing an offence. In a situation when they are struggling to build up a new existence, they face many challenges, not the least is coping with loneliness.


The plan


New Hope Community Services reaches out to those in need, regardless of race or religion. Its mission is to stand in the gap and provide a Shelter of Hope to those affected by homelessness or displacement. The charity empowers them and alleviate and improve their situation. The team goes beyond just providing temporary shelter, but strives to infuse families with a real hope to see their lives changed. New Hope Community Services is one of the agencies appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MFS) to conduct the HOPE Scheme (Home Ownership Plus Education) to support young, low-income families who choose to keep their family small. The organisation runs two shelters for displaced families and offers them individual support schemes to get them back on track. The most vulnerable in these difficult situations are the children and youth. To help them to develop resilience to the adverse situation they struggle with, New Hope Community offers mentoring programmes revolving around music and arts.

New Hope Community welcomes and appreciates support for the families and children in their Shelter of Hope. Activities that help to bring families back on track and empower children to find hope to pursue their dreams despite current circumstances are most welcome. The charity is working closely together with MyPArt, support to run their art-based mentoring programmes will directly benefit the children. 


H - Heart to serve our clients regardless of race or religion
O - Opportunities through referrals and job placements
P - Programme in counseling, life-skill, training, sports and music
E - Empowerment of our clients to bring change and betterment to their lives






Charity Organisation since 2004
IPC (institution of public character) status since 2005 Member of National Council for Social Service (NCSS)

Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)