Amazing Race

If you are keen to (re-)discover unique places in Singapore, you will love our amazing race events. You can choose between different options and based on this the amazing race will custom build to your needs.

(Re-)Discover Singapore!

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Rediscover your senses! Walk over a middle eastern spice market and take in the amazing smells around you, or take a stroll at the beach and feel the sand between your toes. And all this in complete darkness helping you to rediscover your senses and the ability to listen and to focus. 

Use your six senses to wiggle your way around!

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In “Animaniacs” teams create an animated movie with their own plasticine characters. You will discover your individual skills and learn how to combine them into a unified team effort.

Be an amazing film crew for the day

Secret Picasso

“Secret Picassos” is all about creativity and collaboration. You will create a piece of art together and be amazed at your capacity as a team. It’s about asserting your ability to innovate and create as a group and finding new sources of motivation.

Unleash the Picasso in you!

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Climbing is a team effort. The actual climber can achieve nothing without good rope management, belaying, spotting or assistance in choosing the route. RockVenture enables you to climb out of your comfort zone together with your team.

Rock the inner you!

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Dream Chocolate Factory

In the “Dream Chocolate Factory” you spice up on your communication and team cohesion. Teams will design and produce their own sweet treats, from choosing the type of chocolate to decorating their signature wrapping boxes. It’s all about letting your senses bloom.

Be your own chef!

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Blind Date

Going on a “Blind Date”, you can refine your perception, learn about trust and how it affects communication. It will expand your world of experience.

All “Blind Date” events are tailored to interact with people with low or no vision.

Going on a date for a good cause.

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Dream Big

Sometimes, only to “Dream Big” allows you to see beyond your current problems. You will support youth from disadvantaged backgrounds or with certain disabilities to explore a new world of opportunities for them.

The sky is the limit!

Superhero Me

Based on the “Superhero Me” concept by Logue, kids will explore their dreams and aspirations. Your teams will be supporting them in designing, creating and presenting their own “Superhero Me”. This session will let them discover their creative abilities and to boost their confidence.

Make a child's dream come true!

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Hope for Home

Your team can help to turn an apartment into a home. Are you good with craftwork? Minor renovation and repairs is something that you can and like to do? Then join hands and support disadvantaged families by renovating their place or helping with some repair works. 

It’s important to have a place to live, a roof over your head. But the place where you live can be more than that. We all need our safe place where we can find consolation in difficult times: our home.


The “Mobvocate” is all about surprise, engagement, cohesion, risk taking and energy. Bring your message to the big stage and surprise the public, your customers, partners and colleagues around the globe. It is a powerful statement that you can make about what you and your employees care about.

Show your support for a good cause in a BIG way!

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Pop Up Heroes

If you are looking for an 100% hands-on activity for your staff than our Pop-Up Heroes event is the right choice for you. What’s more, with your hard work you are empowering a group of individuals to take active part in our society and you give them the means to support themselves financially. 

Help those in need through this meaningful activity.


If you are looking for more impactful ways to give back to the less privileged than ‘build a bike’, “Impacto!” is the right choice for you. Together with your team members you will produce items that help beneficiaries to master their day-to-day lives easier.

Make a real impact!

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For Leadership Teams

Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder - A united team can't be beaten, even in defeat. This is the theme of this powerful leadership team building format. What makes this format unique is that our team of facilitators will be joined by instructors with disabilities. 

A united team can't be beaten, even in defeat

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Lego Serious Play

LEGO® Serious Play® is a radical, experiential process designed to enable more effective conversations. We partner with Play Insight to deliver this imapctfull leadership programme. Contact us to find out more. 

Creating Radical Insights Through Play

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For really BIG Events (above 400)