Pokemon Go Scavenger Hunt

Wanna catch ‘em all? During the “Pokémon Go Scavenger Hunt” participants will “catch” Pokémons along their adventurous trip through iconic parts of Singapore. The event is a great opportunity to invite beneficiaries to join your teams and share the fun.


The event can be tailored to fit a variety of requirements in terms of physical activity and the topics of the challenges. It will always be a light-hearted activity that engages everyone in the different challenges, quizzes and clue solving along the way.


Teams will have a great opportunity to get to know each other better and (re-)unite as a group. As no one must be left behind on the quest, mutual consideration is strengthened. Good communication gets instantly honoured as teams will be better able to fulfil the bonus challenges when they involve everyone in the group.



Your teams will be joined by beneficiaries in the beginning and set off together once they solve the first challenge. Through clues, you have to find your way to the next hotspot, where they can find one of the Pokémon. Route and pace will be tailored to the fitness level of your teams and challenges along the way revolve around your chosen topic. Usually, the event closes with a joint meal to celebrate.



The Pokémon Go Scavenger Hunt is a great opportunity to involve beneficiaries from all kinds of interest groups. In this format, you can include elderly, children, person with disabilities, and any other group you want to support. Taking the challenges together and solving the clues gives a lot of opportunities to get to know each other and share the joy of hunting Pokémon.



The activity is light hearted and easy, so it makes a great additional offer for any charity looking for entertaining and educational outings.

For many charities, outings for their beneficiaries would be really desirable, but the tight budgets might not allow for it. So your support is a welcome add-on to diversify and expand what charities can offer to their beneficiaries.


Location: Outdoors (incl. wet weather options)

Timing: 2-4 hours

Group Size: 30 - 200 pax

Outcomes: fosters great teamwork, effective communication and problem solving skills, strengthen relationships through a shared experience, provides a light-hearted and fun experience

Category: Team Cohesion, Strengthen Relationships, New Team Members

Pokemon GO Scavenger Hunt