Pop Up Heroes

The “Pop-Up Heroes” event focuses on empowering people to increase their capacity for generating their own income. A lot of our beneficiary organisations strive to offer options for income generation and you can give that a great boost.


You can get 100% hands-on and help building the perfect pop-up shop for selling their products. Or your team supports their business idea with your marketing and sales skills. Either way, your hard work strengthens their capacity to actively take part in our society. Contributing to your own upkeep makes a huge positive difference in everybody’s self-esteem.


Because the end product is a result of effective communication, the power of teamwork is illustrated. The end result is always impressive with participants surprised by what they have managed to achieve, so the event ends on a motivating high. And the best thing is that you created something that empowers others to improve their lives.



For building the pop-up store, your group will be divided into teams which work on single sections of the shop. Materials, tools and safety equipment will be provided and there will be an experienced coach to oversee and support the efforts of each team.

For supporting the beneficiaries with your skills, you will be presented with specific needs they have for their marketing concept or in sales training. Small teams will prepare the different sections of the training/material needed and then meet with the pop-up stall owners to make sure, they know how to use what you produced.



In this event format, you can either focus on doing something good for the beneficiaries, rather than with them, or you decide to include them in the creative process. The activities for the beneficiaries are designed and allocated in a way that it is aligned to their abilities.

If you decide to go for the training option, of course you will spend a lot of time with the beneficiaries and directly working with them on their skills improvement.



The outcome of this event is empowering a group of individuals to take active part in our society and you give them the means to support themselves financially. This will mean a lot to the beneficiaries and it can have a huge positive impact on their lives.

All our beneficiary organisations need to generate the funds to run their programmes through attracting donations or generating income through a social business. The sustainable impact of generating income options must not be underestimated.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 3- 6 hours

Group Size: 20 - 200 pax

Outcomes: Effective collaboration, creavtivty and problem solving, strong realationships after sharing a very meaningful experience together

Category: Motivation, Improving Communication, Strengthening Relationships, New Team Members

Pop Up Heroes