Climbing is a team effort. The actual climber can achieve nothing without good rope management, belaying, spotting or assistance in choosing the route. RockVenture enables you to climb out of your comfort zone together with your team. Don’t assume that climbing is just about strong muscles: for abseiling, all you need is conquer your fear. Each climb needs various roles, so everyone can take over vital parts. You will be amazed how this activity reduces your stress levels. Overcoming fears is a great boost to motivation for your team and you individually. It’s not just about reaching the top but about a great opportunity to achieve something great as a team - it will fill everyone with a great sense of ecstasy.


The climbing process requires trust and great responsibility, this will encourage teams to come closer together and strengthen internal relations. The encouraging words coming from your team will help to push you going forward to finish the climb. It’s a great individual motivation boost to look down from where you climbed up. And it’s an eye-opener to realize that you would not have reached anywhere without your climbing team. This experience can trigger the learning that sustainable success only grows out of teams that appreciate every members’ individual strength. Climbing helps everyone to change perspectives, as you literally experience the two fundamentally different perspectives from the ground and up high.


The atmosphere will be very relaxed as everyone needs to show up in your comfortable sports attire that doesn’t restrict movement. Your group will be divided into teams. Each team will then be trained by certified instructors from Boys’ Town how to handle your harness and safety gears before you are going to climb on the adventure wall. First, experienced belayers from Boys’ Town will support you in your climbing venture. You learn about the different roles in the climbing team e.g. belayer, spotter. Then, your team will be confronted with different climbing task which will challenge your team’s power and the ability to recognize each members’ individual strength. The activities you will be offered to do - like climbing, abseiling and bouldering – demand very different skills and there’s something fun and exciting for everyone.


RockVenture is our close collaboration with Boys’ Town on who’s premises the climbing tower is situated. A group of their boys is being trained as belayers and they will assist the certified instructors in making your climbing adventure successful and rewarding.

If your team is keen to share the adventure, you can opt to sponsor beneficiaries from other organisations who have long wanted to venture for climbing but always lack the budget to do so. Bringing them along and inviting them to join your teams for the RockVenture is a great opportunity for your team directly give back to the community.


The belayers who are in the care of Boys’ Town profit from your RockVenture as they will be able to experience themselves as capable and knowledgeable, entrusted with a lot of responsibility during the event. As this is challenge they can master, this sense of achievement will positively influence all their other, sometimes very difficult, spheres of life.


With RockVenture, we aim to support Boys’ Town in exploring their climbing tower not just as an important and innovative asset that is used in activity therapy, but also as a source to generate income for their programs.


The positive impact your team makes for the social sector, can be doubled when you invite a group of beneficiaries from another organisation. For them, the adventure is a way to regain confidence and strengthen their self-esteem. You will see yourself, then the smile spreads on their face after conquering the climbing tower, how much they enjoy the experience and you can imagine that this will be a memory to draw strength from for a long time.

Key Facts

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Timing: 4 hours

Group Size: 20- 80 pax

Outcomes: To improve coordination among team members, learn to interact, bond and trust with each

Category: Strengthen Relations, Trust, Team Cohesion, Motivation