Dear Agents,

This message is strictly private and confidential.

This is your digital clue card and it contains your Clue Location and your Secret Passcode. So now, your task is to head down to your clue location and your secret passcode (name, made, artist, etc) stated below to unlock your physical mission. 

Just to let you know our BH Special Agents will not be exactly stationed at the image of your clue location. We may be hiding or blending in with the public. This happens due to weather &  physical conditions. Look out for our BH Special Agents who will have a white lanyard around their neck and they always wear a dark top. 

Oh wait!

Before you proceed to your Clue Location, please ensure that the you have a complete healthy and fit team. IF anyone is unwell, please contact our mobile first aider @ 9357 8069 or 8167 4969.

So you are good to go. Have FUN & Good Luck!


Hint: Look out for our agent with a white lanyard and BH prints somewhere close to the clue loctation description.

A common sight in the 40s and even 50s.

A river merchant with a two wheel car.  




Hint: my love