Secret Picasso

“Secret Picassos” is all about creativity and collaboration. You will create a piece of art together and be amazed at your capacity as a team. It’s about asserting your ability to innovate and create as a group and finding new sources of motivation.


To create, you have to let go of your constant qualms and believe that you can do it. You will learn a lot about the group dynamics that strengthen your ability to innovate. The results will trigger more motivation.

Because the end product is a result of effective communication, the power of teamwork is illustrated. Your art pieces will be impressive and participants will be surprised by what they have managed to achieve, so the event ends on a motivating high.



Your group will be divided into smaller working teams and instructed about the chosen art technique, e.g. acrylic painting. Before you start working on your art piece, the topics will be distributed and discussed. It’s either the same topic for each team or seemingly individual tasks for each team that later form a unified artwork. In the end, the combined artwork will be on display or different solutions for the same topic can be compared. You can keep the art works to hang up in your offices or auction it off for a good cause.



The format offers a wide range of opportunities to include beneficiaries. A lot of groups just enjoy being artsy and creative and will be happy to mix with your teams and join the creative fun. You can also invite groups to work alongside your teams and share the fun event in separate teams.

Some really art savvy beneficiaries might enjoy working alongside your teams and can offer a great deal of inspiration for you, as they are exceptional artists. However, they prefer to not directly mix with your team as their autism spectrum condition makes social interaction challenging.

We’re also working with groups of special artists who can join the event as co-facilitators or more proficient and skilful team members. Co-facilitating is a great opportunity to offer additional employment options for them.




With the “Secret Picassos” format, we want to draw attention to the fact, that art therapy and other art based programmes offer great relief and support for a wide range of conditions, including autism and a broad spectrum of mental illnesses. We want to raise awareness for the innovative programmes that are offered in this sector. You will get an impression of the refreshing effect that being creative has on us humans yourself, just by working on an art piece together with your team mates. You can share this refreshment with almost all beneficiary groups as participation is barrier free and seniors, children or adults enjoy being artsy and mixing with your teams.

We’re also working with several artists with disabilities, who can be booked as co-facilitators for the event. This is a great opportunity for them to raise awareness for the need of creating a truly inclusive society and at the same time, benefit from this additional income opportunity. When working, their artwork and being an artist is suddenly more important than their condition.


Location: Indoor

Timing: 3 - 8 hours

Group Size: 30 - 150

Outcomes: improve coordination within team, experience creativity, learn to interact and bond with new team members

Category: Communication, Motivation, Team Cohesion, New Teams

Secret Picasso