Rediscover your Senses

Walk over a middle eastern spice market and take in the amazing smells around you, or take a stroll at the beach and feel the sand between your toes. And all this in complete darkness helping you to rediscover your senses and the ability to listen and to focus.

Our sensory simulation helps participants to refocus on what is essential and allows them to block out the usual noise that we are confronted with in our busy professional lives. It takes them on an exploratory journey where teams have to demonstrate that they trust.


Throughout the sensory simulation, team members will be challenged to carefully listen to their team members, observe their surroundings, communicate effectively, and trust each other. Challenges along the way allows team members to get to know each other better and share about their emotional experiences.

This is a great and fun activity if you want to strengthen the relationships among your team members and build a strong team cohesion.



For most of the sensory stations participants will be blind folded and rely on their remaining senses to explore the station. In some stations team members have to take the role of sighted guide and lead their team members through the station. A sighted guide training, conducted by trainers from charity organisation iC2 PrepHouse, will help them to prepare for this role.

Each sensory station is prepared with a mix of sound, smell, and feel components to provide a realistic atmosphere for the participants. The spice market will feature the sounds of a Middle Eastern market, the smell of the spices will be pungent and participants can feel and smell the various spices on display.

Team challenges along the way will ensure that there is a lot of interaction among the teams in order to get to know each other better. The challenges can be done in a competitive or non-competitive way, depending on your preferences.

Depending on your timing and budget requirements, your teams can choose from a number of sensory stations, each with its unique flavour:

  • Beach

  • Forest

  • Spice Market

  • Weekend Market

  • Traffic

  • Restaurant

  • Maze

  • World of Fragrances

  • Signs (Sign language challenge facilitated by deaf instructors)


Each station will take around 30 minutes to complete.



In this event format, beneficiaries from our partner organisations form part of our facilitator team. They teach sign language, give sighted guide training, and assist as instructors during the various stations.



Being part of the facilitator teams gives the beneficiaries not only a form of employment and income, but also something that they can be very proud of. It gives them the opportunity for quality social interaction with people from various professions and helps them to further develop. 


Location: Indoor

Timing: 4 hours

Group Size: from 30 pax to really big groups over 400 pax

Outcomes: challenges team members to communicate effectively, team members learn to trust each other, strengthen relationships by jointly experiencing something unkown and new

Category: Strengthening Relationships, Building Trust, Improving Communication