Shoulder to Shoulder

A united team can't be beaten, even in defeat!

Forming a strong team that stands united is a challenging task. Working with various senior leadership teams, our team has developed a very impact-full leadership team building format that is quite unique. The theme of 'shoulder to shoulder' carries through the entire event and will lead the teams to form a special bond and unity.

What makes this format unique is that our team of facilitators will be joined by instructors from our social welfare partner​ organisations. Some of these instructors have various types of disabilities, and we use their skills and experience in making each of the activities a memorable experience for all participants.


Throughout the event the teams will be challenged with the task to internalise the theme of shoulder to shoulder and make it their own. With various anecdotes and stories along the way, our facilitators help teams to visualize how successful they can be as a team that demonstrates great character.  

The mix of interactive and creative processes allow the team members to get to know each other and develop new relationships along the way. 



The event starts with a powerful Haka performance of your leadership team. The traditional dances of the Māori people are a fierce display of a tribe's pride, strength and unity performed to honour guests or the importance of an occasion. It is an energetic step out of the daily grind and a fantastic start for this type of event. Our instructors, who were trained by the All Blacks themselves, demonstrate the traditional Haka moves and lyrics to your team – it’s going to be loud and powerful. There is no better way to blow the offices’ cobwebs away and you will start your event really on fire!

With energy levels high, the teams will enter a Sensory Simulation. This is a very powerful team building activity and it is conducted in a way that is very respectful to person with disabilities. The simulation can be done competitive or non-competitive, whichever option you deem more suitable for your teams. There are a variety of station options to choose from based on your timing requirements and preferences. The focus is on building trust among the leadership team members and strengthening their relationships.

The final part of the event is our Secret Picasso workshop. Here it is all about creativity and collaboration. Your teams will create a piece of art together and be amazed at their abilities as a team. It’s about asserting your ability to innovate and create as a group.

Guided by art instructors and artist with and without disAbilities, your teams will create an art piece centred around the theme of ‘Shoulder to Shoulder – a united team can’t be beaten, even in defeat’. The instructors will support you with their experience with the materials or the painting techniques and their creativity.



In this event format, beneficiaries from our partner organisations form part of our facilitator team. They teach sign language, give sighted guide training, and assist as art instructors during the various activities. 



Being part of the facilitator teams gives the beneficiaries not only a form of employment and income, but also something that they can be very proud of. It gives them the opportunity for quality social interaction with people from various professions and helps them to further develop. 


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Timing: 4 - 8 hours

Group Size: 10 - 60 pax

Outcomes: forming a united team, experiecing trust and strong relationships

Category: Team Cohesion, Strengthening Relationships, Trust

Shoulder to Shoulder