Superhero Me

Based on the “Superhero Me” concept by Logue, kids will explore their dreams and aspirations. Your teams will be supporting them in designing, creating and presenting their own “Superhero Me”. This session will let them discover creative ability and to boost their confidence.


To create their own “Superhero Me”, you have to let go of your constant qualms and believe in the kids. With the event, team members are able to break the ice by seeing new possibilities in life rather than the impossible.



There will be a one to one interaction between you and the beneficiary. All materials will be given but it will be up to your imagination and creativity to construct the “SuperheroMe”. The beneficiary will be able to realise their different abilities. After they are done will their craft, they will then be show case to the rest of the class.



Direct engagement with the kids will allow both you and the beneficiary to bring about a whole new level of communication. Beneficiaries can express themselves and also actively interact with you.



It is fun-filled and creative activity in which beneficiaries can enjoy themselves. This will also be a good opportunity for them to boost their confidence.


Location: Indoor

Timing: min 6 hours (can be done over various sessions as well)

Group Size: 30 - 60 pax

Outcomes: experience creativity and enhancing communication,

Category: Motivation, Communication, Team Cohesion

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