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Dear Agents,

You are on a SECRET MISSION to unveil an evil villain. You are tasked to head down to the clue location and locate our agents from Special Security Division alias SSD of Big Heroes Intelligence Unit (BHIU) who can be identified with a white lanyard. 

In your mission envelope, you are given 2 important clues that holds the identity of the villain.  

There are a total of 5 different missions where you are required to complete within a certain time. If you succeed to complete the physical mission, you will receive the Clue Letter.


Also an identity verification protocol no.86 have been activated. Hence, you are required to verify with our SSD Agents your Authentic Secret Code (ASC) found at the bottom of this page. This ASC is an identification reference to our SSD Agents.

Upon successful ASC verification, you will be put through an intelligence screening session by the SSD Agents for an authentication purposes. Only then, you will be able to unlock the physical mission.

Complete the physical mission successfully within 5-10 minutes to gain an identity clue of the villain.


Good Luck and stay safe!


Signing off,


Big Heroes Intelligence Unit alias BHIU

Authentic Secret Passcode 
Clue Location - Gate

Let’s Work Together

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Tel: 123-456-7890

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