With and/or Co-facilitated by our Super-beneficia-roes



If you are keen to (re-) discover unique places in Singapore, you will love our amazing race events. You can choose  different options and we will customise to your needs.


(RE-)Discover Singapore

Climbing is a team effort. The actual climber can achieve nothing without good rope management, belaying, spotting or assistance in choosing the route. This programme 
enables you to climb out of your comfort zone. 

Rock the inner you!


Rediscover your senses! Walk over a middle eastern spice market or a stroll at the beach and take in the amazing smells and sound around you. And experience all this in complete darkness helping you to rediscover your senses and focus.


 Use your 6 senses and wiggle your way around!


In "Animaniacs" teams create an animated movie with their own plasticine characters. You will discover individual skills and learn how to combine them into a unified team effort.


Be an amazing film crew for the day


"Secret Picasso" is all about creativity and collaboration. You will create a piece of art together and be amazed at your capacity as a team. It's about asserting your ability to innovate and and finding new sources of motivation.


Unleash the Picasso in you!



Inspire your creativity and curiosity. Understand the fundamentals of robotics and figure out how to build one as a team.


Explore and up your the 21st Century skills!




Produce and design your own sweet treats. In the "Dream Chocolate Factory" you will spice up your communication and team cohesion. It's all about letting your senses bloom.


Be your own pastry chef!


"Kitchen Heroes" is a great motivation and communication skills. You will be teamed up and together prepare a delicious meal. Awareness and listening to each other is the key to a good result.


Survive the kitchen wars!


Going on a "Blind Date", you can refine your perception, learn about trust and how it affects communication. It will expand your world of experience.

All "Bllind Date" events are tailored to interact with people with low or no vision.


Go on a date for a good cause.


Sometimes, only to "Dream Big" allows you to see beyond your current problems. You will support youth from disadvantaged backgrounds or with certain disabilities to explore a new world of opportunities for them.


The sky is the limit!



Based on the "Superhero Me" concept by Logue, kids explore their dreams and aspirations. Your teams will be supporting them in designing, creating and presenting their own "Superhero Me." This session will let them discover their creative abilities and boost their confidence


Make a child's dream come true!

Help others grow to achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.
Good Cause


Are you good with craftwork? Minor renovation and repairs are something that you can and like to do? Then join hands and support disadvantaged families by building a more conducive living space.


Build a safe place that we call HOME 


SIf you are looking for more impactful ways to give back to the less privileged than build a bike, "Impacto!" is the right choice for you. Together with your team members, you will produce items that help beneficiaries to master their day-to-day lives easier.


Make a real impact!


Kindness is a lifestyle. Being charitable is not the same as being kind.Charity can be cultivated while kindness is inborn.  Take your time out to help ease someone by packing and sending out food rations or cooked meals to them. Not many have "food privileges".

Giving is rewarding than receiving

Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. And kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world.


LEGO® Serious Play® is a radical, experiential process designed to enable more effective conversations. We partner with Play Insight to deliver this imapctfull leadership programme. Contact us to find out more. 


Creating radical insights through play

Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder - A united team can't be beaten, even in defeat. This is the theme of this powerful leadership team building format. What makes this format unique is that our team of facilitators will be joined by instructors with disabilities.


A united team can't be beaten, even in defeat

For Leadership Teams

Leadership is a desire to help others achieve great things for themselves.

For really

BIG Events 


It's time to put your sunglasses and take a breather: Celebrate together with your team and your family. And as a joy shared is a joy doubled. 


Extend your family for a good cause!


Most important in the "Fun Olympics" is that you participate regardless of winning. Sometimes, it is not about the triumph. The essential is the struggle and the way how you fight for the win.


Winners celebrate for a cause

Invite beneficiaries from a charity of your choice to join your BIG events filled with games, excitement and delicious food.

There's only one thing more precious than our time; and that's who we spend it on.


No one can escape the power of a HAKA: just following the moves, you can feel it's spirit. Shout with the pack - it's force will grip you.

Feel the power

Feel the power with HAKA - the traditional dances of the Maori people are a fierce display of a tribe's pride, strength and unity performed to honour guests or the importance of an occasion.


It is an energetic step out of the daily grind and a fantastic start for an event.

Our instructors, who were trained by the All Blacks themselves, demonstrate some Haka moves to you. We also prepare slogans that set the motto for the event – it’s going to be loud and powerful.


Your teams will give it a go themselves and try out which of the moves they make their own. There is no better way to blow the offices’ cobwebs away and you will start your event really on fire!

Wish to have a unique experience with our National Gallery special edition?

Travel through history in style with our Amazing Race special edition in the museum, or create a not your usual video production in Animaniacs. Or just be inspired with 

our Secret Picasso workshop

at National Gallery Singapore.

Amazing Race @ National Gallery Singapore - Takes participants on a secret interactive journey to the National Gallery of Singapore. With its unique setting in two historic buildings now ingeniously connected through contemporary architecture, the museum is a huge treasure chest.

Travel through history in style

Animaniacs @ National Gallery Singapore - Produce an animated movie, a tailored guided tour in the museum will give you plenty of inspiration for the screen play.

Not your usual video production

Secret Picasso @ National Gallery Singapore - Create a piece of art together and be amazed at your abilities as a team. A tailored guided tour will trigger your creativity and inspiration to get productive yourself.

A truly inspiring experience



Wish to have a unique experience with our Singapore Art Museum special edition?

Enjoy your journey through the Contemporary Era in our Amazing Race special edition, or be inspired with the contemporary innovation in our Secret Picasso workshop. Or film your movie in contemporary style only in the Singapore Art Museum.

Amazing Race @ SAM - Discover the unique setting in the historical building, with a subtle nod of contemporary with its great influence from the fascinating Asian art, history and present art display and installations.

Journey to the world of Contemporary Art.

Animaniacs @ SAM - Brainstorm and craft a , a tailored guided tour in the museum will give you plenty of inspiration for the screen play movie. Be and get inspired with the elegant art displays from the guided tour.  

Get into the Contemporary style.

Secret Picasso @ National Gallery Singapore - Enjoy the tailored tour around the museum and excite your creative side. Watch the spontaneity fun process and together with your team, translate your creativity into an amazing art piece.

Be inspired by the innovation of contemporary.